Partition Recovery Freeware

Recover files you thought were lost


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Partition Recovery Freeware is a tool to recover any file or document you thought you'd lost on your computer, due to it having been stored on a damaged partition or simply because you had a problem with the folder it was in.

The program lets you recover documents from any NTFS or FAT partition with just a couple of clicks. You just have to choose the type of file you're looking for and the partition where you want to look for it, and in a matter of seconds (or minutes, if it's a big partition) you'll be able to view the results.

From the program's main interface, you can access any of the program's different features, including an image search, basic search, or deep search. Any of them can help you find whatever you're looking for in a short amount of time.

Partition Recovery Freeware is a very comprehensive tool that, even though it has a trial version with very limited features, still offers lots of possibilities for those who want to buy the licensed version of the program.

The trial version cannot recover the detected files.

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